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From only three years of age, Nick has been a passionate natural historian.

His early childhood was spent exploring, studying and immersing himself in the native English countryside, which he continues to do and love today.

Nick’s whole life has been shaped and inspired by many classic presenters such as Sir David Attenborough, Terry Nutkins and of course the much missed and widely adored Johnny Morris and his Animal Magic show.

Whilst growing older, by his early teens he could typically be found playing with deadly native UK adders, grass snakes, slow worms and all manner of British fauna. As an Air Cadet, he would regularly join his squadron mates on expeditions, and climb mountains, camp under the stars and sleep under a parachute in weather conditions approaching minus ten.

Nick obtained his PGCE from Exeter University in 2006 with an English Subject Specialism.

Today Nick continues to enjoy presenting, exploring and capturing on camera both native and non-native fauna.

He is now well known for presenting his Wild and Deadly Show, which he soon hopes to have adapted into a TV format, where he can inspire in turn a new captive generation with his passion for wildlife all over the world.

Nick is a regular performer for BBC Children in Need on stage at Chris Evan’s hugely popular Carfest.

Poor Pudsey is regularly to be seen facing his fear with Nick - all in a bid to raise as much needed money as possible for Children in Need, as do a regular host of other presenters who dare to cross his path.

Nick is more than just a showman.

He is a published children’s author of an

edu-fictional book: The Magical Adventures of Henry Owl

He is also working collaboratively on a forthcoming children’s animated series focusing on native natural history as a script writer and an entomological consultant.

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